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McKinney dishwasher repair services are a quick call away.

Our services are available for both residential and commercial clients. We help many businesses in the McKinney TX region with their appliance troubles. We can provide ongoing support for your business's dishwasher(s), scheduled maintenance and emergency repairs. If you need a repair company you can trust to keep your machines running, we've got your back!

We have dealt with countless dishwasher issues. However, some examples of the more common problems that we get calls for include sudden leaks, dishes not getting clean enough, drain cycle not working and water sitting after a load finishes. No matter the issue, we will get to the bottom of it and restore your dishwasher back to healthy working condition.

Worried about the cost of your repair? Our services are known for being very reasonably priced. We use the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide to determine what is a fair amount to charge for each job we take on. This handbook gives recommendations for what technicians should charge their clients based on the specific type of repair that gets done.

We can diagnose your appliance quickly and give you an estimate for the repair. You have the choice to pass once you get your quote. When you decide not to get a repair, you need to pay a service call charge to compensate our technician for his time. Those that do get repairs will not pay this fee and will only have to cover the actual cost of parts plus our labor fee.

Are you ready to get started? Ring us at (469) 369-0820 to make an appointment with one of our dishwasher repair specialists. We look forward to working with you!

Helpful tip

Dishwasher leaks are not normal. If you experience this issue, the first thing to check is the quality of your door seal. This gasket is capable of wearing out, falling off or tearing apart which can happen accidentally, over time due to wear and tear, etc. You can inspect it visually or place a paper bill in the seal, close the door and pull to see if there is any resistance - there should be a vacuum seal effect happening. If the seal is worn out, simply replace it and the leaking issue will go away.

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