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Remedy issues with your dryer when they first appear.

Leaving them alone can cause more serious problems down the road. A quick fix will not only cure the problem at-hand, it will also ensure that a bigger issue is not caused as a result. Simply put, save yourself money later by investing in a little now to make sure your machine stays in tip-top shape.

Need a dryer repair now? Not sure why your problem exists?

As a first-choice solution for all laundry appliance repairs in McKinney TX, we're happily helping dozens of clients every day. Our team is built from the ground up with only the most trustable and dependable repair technicians. We're also fully certified and insured. Our repair techs will not disappoint and our high success rate and extensive list of satisfied clients speaks for itself.

We have the best prices on all appliance related repairs. Our mentality is that 'our worker should be paid for, nothing more:' which allows us to charge less than our competitors. We are not out to 'game the system' and profit off of silly fees and surcharges. Seriously, every client that comes to us is only liable for the cost of their parts and the effort spent putting them in.

Your repair appointment begins when our technician arrives at the scheduled time. He or she will quickly work to get to the bottom of your appliance troubles. You will be supplied with an estimate for the total cost of your repair. You can pay for the diagnosis or have it waived and proceed with the suggested solution.

Want to get a diagnosis or repair done to your dryer? Reach out and we will schedule an appointment to make that happen. You can contact us at (469) 369-0820 anytime!

Helpful tip

Your dryer should last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, depending on the specs. This timeframe is based upon adequate maintenance efforts on your end. Take the time to keep proper care of your unit before it's too late. Make sure to clean the lint tray before or after every load; vacuum out the lint chute and inside of the machine to prevent a blockage at the blower wheel. Also, check for any dirt or debris in the ventilation and vacuum it out. Make an effort to inspect and clean your dryer every six months to a year.

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