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Need a freezer repair done?

We're a highly-rated repair company based out of the McKinney TX region. With endless successful repairs and happy clients under our belts, no freezer problem is too big or small to handle. If your freezer is acting up, one of our highly qualified repair technicians will be able to do a superb job at remedying the issue quickly.

We do both commercial and residential freezer unit repairs!

Our team can work on any freezer, whether it's a chest or upright model at home or even a walk-in freezer at a fast food franchise restaurant. We are fully qualified to diagnose and repair your appliance. We also have access to freezer parts for all makes and models, including units from luxury brands and most commercial manufacturers.

What types of issues do we normally fix? Some of the more common freezer problems we deal with include excessive frost buildup, noisy operation and intermittent failure. The vast majority of these problems are caused by natural wear and tear. However, damage to the door seal is also a common culprit for these issues and it sadly often goes overlooked until the damage reaches various internal parts.

We give great deals on our service. First off, you already get to save by taking advantage of our online coupon (make note of it when you get your repair done). We also waive our service call fee when you get a repair. Then, you pay for nothing more than the cost of your parts and the expense for our repair technician doing the job. We respect the Major Appliance Service National Price Guide when deciding on what to charge for the provided labor.

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Helpful tip

Freezers are pretty simple appliances but they can have problems too. We sometimes hear about clients having trouble with frost accumulation. This could happen on any freezer when the seal is inadequate or if the freezer door was left ajar for an extended period. If the inside of your freezer is full of frost, generally that means the machine is staying on when it should be shutting down. That means other internal parts are at play and you will definitely need a professional inspection to pinpoint the specific part that needs to be replaced to fix your freezer.

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