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Looking for answers to your stove troubles?

Get help from our McKinney central stove repair specialists today. We are veterans in the repair game and uphold a stellar status as one of the top appliance repair businesses based out of McKinney TX.

We cater to commercial clients as well. Our services can help for anyone that needs a range repair at their business. Most of our commercial clients are restaurant owners, school cafeterias, churches, landlords or property managers. We have direct access to stove parts through McKinney supply shops at reasonable prices. Your bill will reflect the prices we pay when buying them from our supplier as we do not mark up our cost.

So, how affordable will your repair be through us? The only other component in your billing total is the amount that is charged for the labor received to install the new parts. We utilize the MASNPG handbook as a sort of guideline for what to charge for each particular repair. Our pricing model allows for affordable repairs on even the smallest of problems. After all, our diagnostics charge is waived whenever you get any repair - and we currently have an online coupon offer that will save you even more!

If you're interested in our service, the first thing to do is call us and make an appointment. After that we can have one of our techs go and look at your stove to determine what's causing it to act up. We will be able to estimate your repair cost after figuring out the parts that need to be replaced to make it work properly once again.

Want to book a stove repair expert to diagnose your appliance? Call (469) 369-0820 today!

Helpful tip

Cleaning your stove? If so, the right cleaning solution is what matters. Search online to figure out the best recipe or most highly-rated cleaning product based on the material(s) you need to clean. Next, make sure you apply it to a cloth and rub it on to the surface. You should never use a spray bottle especially when cleaning the area of your stovetop that containers the knobs and computer controls. There are little openings, such as behind these knobs, and any liquid getting in there can be dangerous, hazardous and potentially permanently damaging to your appliance as well.

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